Wallace Center: CBFS Initiative

Basic introduction video to the EPIC organization: This is used in meetings with member and donors. Not all members and donor have opportunities to visit EPIC projects.
How to communicate the warmth and enthusiasm of the EPIC partners?
What makes these partnerships work?
What are the basic tenents of every EPIC project?

A focus on young emerging leadership in the EPIC organization: Interviews with passionate and hard-working new leaders in Guatemala and Honduras. Capacity-building and encouraging peer-to-peer education is very effective in EPIC projects.

A rough cut of a project with refugee farmers from Burma and Nepal. This included interviews with instructors and participants. Although the organizations lost funding, and we stopped filming, the farmers work now under another organization in Nashville.

Best practices for farmers dealing with climate change and frequent food insecurity. Farmer to Farmer exchanges help communities adapt to the increasing risks of subsistence farming. Fast results are key for agriculture trainers working in these communities. The families must see that new practices increase yield and improve the land.